6 tips for setting the table for spring celebrations


When it comes to Easter decorations and themed table settings, the dynamic is a little different than other festive meal times.

Spring signals cute chicks, adorable bunnies, bright blooms, beams of bright yellows, fresh greens, pastel hues, and cheerful crockery to match the sunny vibe.

And yet, even if you draw inspiration from a more earthy classic palette, when it comes to bringing the outdoors in with whimsical touches, not to mention the sweetest spreads, entertaining at home is easier than you. don’t think so with so much to inspire and surprise.

Here are some of the best Easter decorations and table decorating tips to make sure you jump right in…

1. Put some color in your Easter decorations

Photo: Emma Bridgewater/PA

Playing with pattern paints the rosiest picture, especially if you mix and match. “The sun is finally shining, it’s time to embrace color!” says Margo Kane, co-founder of Tableday. “Introduce bold hues with cheerful candles, patterned napkins, and bouquets of spring flowers like daffodils and tulips.”

Next Easter wreath. Photo: Next/PA

“Pastels are perfect for spring,” suggests Kane. “But don’t be afraid to add drops of bold primary glitter. Bright yellow and fuchsia are such a fun pairing that perfectly captures the feeling of joy we get from the first warmer days.

Boho Spice orange and pink dinner candles. Photo: Talking tables / PA

2. Mix natural materials

Items from a selection by Sophie Allport. Photo: Sophie Allport/PA

As the hedges bloom and spring is in full swing, Kane says to celebrate nature’s awakening by bringing it home.

“Placemats, charger plates, and napkin rings in materials like jute, wood, and rope pair perfectly with brightly colored napkins and candles, bringing a natural beauty to your table.”

Glass feather bird decoration, The White Company. Photo: The White Company/PA

If it’s dry enough, Kane says to take some blankets and put your table outside. “The chirping of birds and the gentle spring breeze create a magical atmosphere for brunch or lunch.”

Next tablecloth and placemats. Photo: Next/PA

In addition to mixing, layering will add rhythm to your tablescape and as Sarah Fortescue, interior designer and owner of Sara Fortescue Design says, “A must-have for a beautiful table is a tablecloth. It’s a stylish addition and a wonderful opportunity to use patterns and even more color in your beautiful table setting.

“You can experiment with seagrass placemats,” says Fortescue, “or use pebbles or seashells found on the beach throughout the year to add family memories to your Easter table.”

3. Don’t be afraid to be matchy-matchy in your Easter decorations

Kate Sproston Design Embroidered Easter Bunny Napkins, Set of 2, Etsy. Photo: Etsy/PA

As much as we like to dress up for dinner and coordinate everything, styling the table with similar themed decorations can be just as creative; especially with so many sweet whiskers vying for your attention.

Next Multi Rabbit 12 Piece Dinnerware Set. Photo: Next/PA

4. Use bud vases

Bloom Vase Bud Trio, Dress for dinner. Photo: Dress for dinner/AP

“Spring is flowers! Kane said. “Enjoy affordable daffodil and tulip bouquets with bud vases. Place three stems in each bud vase and scatter them around your table.

Fortescue agrees: “I love displaying small vases that I collect from local antique stores, strewn across the table filled with crocuses and snowdrops, alongside ferns layered elegantly in the center of the table.

“You can add contrast by including tall glass vases filled with daffodils and lots of candles arranged in groups, combining different heights and widths to create something special.”

Easter eggs on sticks from We Love Seasons. Photo: We Love Seasons/PA

And depending on your budget, the flowers can always be replaced with Easter-themed sticks to create striking designs.

5. Add height to your spring table

Mini tree Easter decoration from Lights4Fun. Photo: Lights4Fun/PA

“A good tablescape has different layers of different heights,” notes Kane. “Add an Easter-appropriate table decoration by filling candy dishes or cake stands with mini chocolate eggs or pastel macaroons to match your table’s color scheme, and place them in the center of your table.”

Spring Meadow tealight holder centerpiece by Dibor. Photo: Dibor/PA

In addition to mini trees and centerpieces crowned with votives, a clever trick is to hang Easter decorations on twigs and branches. Allowing space, Easter wreaths can always be placed flat in the center of the table with a pillar candle in the middle for added impact.

6. Create memorable Easter decorations with eggs

Mini Hanging Easter Egg Boxes by Annabel James. Photo: Annabel James/PA

“Eggs are the symbol of Easter, and there are many ways to use them on your table,” Kane explains.

“Create a DIY centerpiece by painting eggs pastel colors and displaying them in a wire basket. Or create whimsical place cards by writing each guest’s name on an egg and placing it in its place in a wire basket. eggcup.

Bunny Pom Pom Easter Name Place Cards by Ginger Ray. Photo: Ginger Ray/PA

Better yet, Kane says to delight kids and sweet tooths by making a chocolate egg out of it, “written on it with a tube of frosting, but don’t let them eat it before lunch!”

Easter garden decoration set from Dress for Dinner. Photo: Dress for dinner/AP


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