Animal Crossing Ideas for Throwing Parties in New Horizons


Celebration of holiday dates in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a great way for players to set up island decorations and have parties with friends, and most can be held without an official in-game event. While traveling to the island of a another player still lacks features years after the game was released, New Horizons actually supports a great party vibe. With reactions, gifts, and an in-game chat feature, players around the world can travel to an island to celebrate a special event with friends.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has introduced thousands of decorations and furniture since the game’s release. Players can craft or buy party accessories like balloons, turntables, and table decorations, perfect for creating a generic party theme. Players can also use other items like Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ Star Fragment recipes to create a specific atmosphere for celebrations. With so many furniture options and the ability to customize the colors of many items, every party setting can be unique and exciting to attend.


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Although there are many ways to party Animal Crossing: New Horizons, including birthday parties, anniversaries, or graduations, there are other ways for players to host special social events that are less common. These options can allow players to celebrate milestones with friends who live far from an actual location or can’t attend gatherings in person. Below are some interesting dating and unique party planning ideas.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Baby Shower Party Ideas

Named Animal Crossing "Family Game of the Year" At the DICE Awards

Celebrating real-life milestones in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be a great way to bring family and friends together. For those looking to throw a New Horizons-Themed baby shower, an island party can be a great way to celebrate with minimal mess in homes or backyards. Players can set up a location on their island and use Seasonal New Horizons decorations to create a colorful party zone and use a custom design to create a baby registry sign for those who want to send a gift.

It is also possible to create a themed baby shower in Animal Crossing: New Horizonswith players able to use special event items like Super Mario decorations or dinosaur fossils to create a video game or dinosaur theme. Flowers can also be used as a gender reveal option, with the corresponding flower color installed around the party area or near the entrance to the island to give visitors a fun surprise. Because New Horizons is a family game, decorating can also be a great way for parents to include future older siblings in the planning as they can allow their older children to live in and help decorate the island . It can make digital celebration a fun way for the whole family to join in on a special occasion at some point. animal crossing Isle.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Masquerade Party Ideas

Animal Crossing Halloween Costumes

Fans at costumed events Animal Crossing: New Horizons might consider hosting a themed masquerade party that friends could attend. These costume dances can have an animal, a season, or a color theme. Guests must create outfits in order to attend. Thanks to the many clothing options of animal crossingand the ability to create custom designs for most clothes, those who like to create character designs would be presented with a fun and exciting challenge to show off the date of the party.

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A Masquerade would also require players to be creative when interacting and engaging in dancing and mingling. While the characters of Animal Crossing: New Horizons can’t actually dance with each other, some emotes have specific moves that when used in certain patterns can look like dancing. Players could use these emotes to interact with dance partners or dance and shiver alone on the dance floor. Music can also be played using animal crossingnumerous gyroids or by setting up a turntable nearby, giving players a variety of interesting tunes to enjoy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Stargazing Party Ideas

How the Observatory could be added to New Horizons Celeste Meteor Shower Shooting Star Animal Crossing Island

Players can also participate in a daily event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons like Meteor Showers and use them to celebrate fun, astronomical events like a solar eclipse, planet sighting, or an actual asteroid event. New Horizons’ space-themed decorations include rockets, star garlands, and zodiac furniture that can all add a special touch to a village party centered around the night sky. Decorations can be placed on the beaches of an island or on top of the cliffs for a good view of animal crossing‘s shooting stars above.

Players could also bring party guests in cute pajamas or space-themed outfits. A sleepover could include hot or cold drinks and cozy sweaters, while other outfits could give the gathering a more formal feel. Giving party guests the chance to create an outfit based on the star sign could be an option, then photos could be taken by Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Zodiac decorations around the party area. Additionally, those who attend will receive party favor from Star Fragments at their home beaches the next morning, allowing everyone to enjoy the night’s activities.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons New Island Party Ideas

ACNH Tips to Make Your Island More Welcoming to Animal Crossing New Horizons Visitors & Villagers

While celebrating or hosting parties on an established island gives players plenty of options for decorations, outfits, and themes, hosting a get-together on a “new island” can be a fun way to kick off a new save in animal crossing: New Horizons. When starting over, players who do not leave stored items on a friend’s island will lose everything. While this creates a new slate and resets game objectives, it also leaves players limited on decoration options and DIY recipes for a long time.

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To help with this, players can invite friends to their new island in a Animal Crossing: New Horizons house-warming. Guests can bring foreign fruits and flowers or gift the host with furniture, DIY recipes, and clothing. This will help fill a player’s crafting items faster and give them some home essentials to spruce up rooms and local areas. It can also be a great opportunity to show off an island before big plans happen, making everything animal crossing island designs designed after the party more visible at a future event. Players can even ask party guests for decorating ideas, leading to a unique combination of viewpoints in layouts and design plans.

With so many ways to celebrate, players can throw parties Animal Crossing: New Horizons at any time. This can help those who are frustrated with the lack of new events and content breathe new life into the gameplay, keeping it engaging. While these player-created parties do not add new furniture or DIY recipes to New Horizons, players may see existing decorations used in different ways when visiting a party host’s islands. Those animal crossing party ideas help keep Animal Crossing: New Horizons popular, despite two full years of repeat events and minimal updates.

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