Buckhurst Hill creator’s jubilee decorations ‘heart tree’


A woman who made ‘heart tree’ decorations during lockdown has inspired people to get creative with jubilee decorations.

Carol Cross, who lives in Forest Edge, Buckhurst Hill, has been decorating a tree outside her house with handmade hanging hearts since lockdown began.

Before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Carol made decorations that the community could use for free to celebrate.

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The community has started hanging up their decorations to try and spread happiness and creativity during the dark months of lockdowns.

Carol is now often asked by residents if she will make them more hearts to use as decorations for their events.

The jubilee isn’t the first occasion Carol has made hearts for – she’s also been involved in fundraising for Ukraine.

Carol’s decorations raised over £2,000 as people traveled to collect a heart from what is now known in the community as the Heart Tree.

Decorations are left on The Heart Tree for anyone to take, and people travel to take something from the tree at Forest Edge.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was celebrated throughout Epping Forest with street parties, beacon lighting etc, so there were plenty of opportunities to use the decorations.


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