Christmas lights, decorations stolen from “Norris Shines”


The theft was discovered Saturday morning by a member of the Norris Lions Club. He informed the Norris Police Department on Saturday.

NORRIS, Tenn. — The ‘Norris Shines’ organization is seeking donations after Christmas lights and Christmas decorations were stolen from B&C Storage in Norris, according to a news release.

Officials said the incident was reported at the entrance to the town of Norris on East Norris Road.

Authorities said the incident was reported Saturday morning by Norris Lions Club member Will Grinder. The Lions Club had allowed the Norris Shines organization to store its lights and decorations free of charge.

They said more than 11,000 Christmas lights, 12 Christmas wreaths, a Christmas tree, as well as many other decorations and large electrical cords were stolen. They said several American flags used in the city on special holidays belonging to the Norris Lions Club were also missing.

Since 2020, the Norris Shines Committee has placed thousands of Christmas lights in downtown Norris. It also encourages the community to decorate their homes and yards with lights, wreaths, garlands, inflatables and Christmas trees so that residents and visitors can enjoy a bright and colorful “tour” of Christmas all over town.

“Now it’s all gone,” said Bonnie Peacock, chair of the Norris Shines committee. “Well, when I heard this terrible news, I took about 3 minutes to be sad, then I thought that we should just raise more money to replace everything!”

Peacock said the Norris Shines committee would start raising funds to make Norris “shine” again.

Donations to replace stolen lamps should be mailed to:

Norris Woman’s Club, PO Box 1154, Norris, TN 37828.

Cash or checks accepted. Checks should be made payable to Norris Woman’s Club with “Norris Shines” on the “For” line.

For more information, people should contact Bonnie Peacock at 865-388-0788 or by email at [email protected]

The Norris Shines Christmas Special Event is a joint project sponsored by the Norris Woman’s Club, the Norris Recreation Commission and Keep Norris Beautiful, a working beautification committee under Keep Anderson County Beautiful.


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