Mum stunned by R-rated find in Kmart Easter decorations


A mother was stunned after finding an R-rated instruction in a Kmart Easter Cracker aimed at children.

The Australian mum posted a photo of the contents of an Easter cookie on the Kmart Hacks and Facebook Decor page, with the comment “Warning, the crackers contain Christmas jokes”.

While many people were baffled by the very existence of “Easter Cookies,” most took more notice of the charades section asking the player to play the steamy, R-rated movie “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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There’s more than one thing wrong with this Easter cookie. (Provided/Facebook)

People had mixed reactions to the gaffe.

“How dare they!” one says.

“Is it for children?” asked another.

“How do children know how to play 50 shades?” another commenter added.

“Imagine opening some Easter crackers and having to pull out a number of Fifty Shades of Gray for the kids,” another joked.

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But some were less worried.

“I bought them too. The kids don’t care, they just like to pop them. And at $2 for a six-pack, I don’t think anyone would really care,” one said. ‘them.

“Haha, I just got these for my son yesterday, he loves crackers! Luckily he’s only almost two so he can’t read yet!” said another mom.

Kmart has been contacted for comment.

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