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Wedding Decorations Buying Guide

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Why buy wedding decorations?

While all weddings are beautiful, sometimes they can feel a bit generic. It’s important that you and your partner choose a few things to make the day feel like you. Plus, most wedding decorations are affordable, easy to hang or display, and can add a bit of flair to your wedding. punch.

What should you consider when buying wedding decorations?

  • Theme: Here’s the thing – most wedding decor is beautiful, but to keep your reception from looking like a party store blown up all over the place, keep your overall theme or aesthetic in mind. From art deco to boho glam to shabby chic, there are wedding decorations that can fit your vibe.
  • What your site offers: Most reception halls offer basic rental packages or decor like votives and tablecloths. Weddings are quite expensive, so make sure you don’t have any crossovers. For example, if they have a floral arch, you don’t need to hang your own garland.
  • Ease of display: Be clear with your establishment about who is responsible for putting up which decorations. Weddings get complicated between your caterer, your florist, and the venue, so you don’t want items getting lost or stressing you out on the day. Look for items that come with all the assembly parts, are easy to set up and take down, or can just sit on a table for a gorgeous display.

Should you just DIY wedding decorations?

While homemade weddings are becoming increasingly popular, they can also take the stress of marriage to a whole new level, and the truth is, they don’t always save money. You might find yourself breaking even between the cost of materials, time spent, and paying for repairs and errors. Purchasing a few key pieces of wedding decorations can give your day a personalized DIY feel without all the panic and paper cuts.

Our picks for the best wedding decorations

The safest informed choice

Benefits: Evening weddings are easily enhanced by flickering candles. But what many people forget is that someone has to light each of those candles, keep them burning, and replace them when they go out. This pack of 24 LED candles eliminates that need and can “burn” for 72 continuous hours. They also won’t send your party into literal flames and are a great alternative to regular candles if you have little ones at your party.

The inconvenients: Consistency is often difficult for LED products, you may notice some candles burn a little shorter or appear darker. To hide their appearance, you will have to opt for tealights.

Conclusion: If you’re concerned about safety and reliability or if your site doesn’t allow for igniting flames, these are fantastic solutions. They won’t blow away, burn your fingers or catch your dress on fire.

A magical feeling

Benefits: These fairy garlands can enhance the look of centerpiece decor, be draped with the gift table, or simply hung across your wedding arch if you’re having an evening ceremony. They add a touch of elegant whimsy and come in several variations, such as cool and warm white and multicolour. The other big plus is that LED string lights can be repurposed for various events, from the engagement party to your big day and beyond.

The inconvenients: Because these are fairy lights, you can’t cut and fit them like you would a normal fairy light, so you’ll need to have a good idea of ​​how much you need and where. Plus, they’re battery-powered, so if you don’t put in fresh batteries every time, you’re using them.

Conclusion: With different hues that can match any aesthetic, these sparkling LED lights can enhance any table or photo booth backdrop. It’s especially good that they don’t need a wall outlet to shine brightly.

Beautiful for an arch

Benefits: Maybe your venue has a stripped-down arch, or you’re creating your own for the big day – this faux wisteria garland gives any ceremony arch a lush, glamorous, and natural look. It is offered in white, pink, lilac purple and fuscia. You can also arrange them with table runners as an affordable alternative to real floral garlands. Customers have also noticed that these garlands are very easy to work with.

The inconvenients: Flowers can fall off easily, so keep in mind that you may need to have reinforcements such as a hot glue gun while you craft.

Conclusion: Weddings can never have too many flowers, but they can quickly get expensive. This faux wisteria arch lends beautiful flowers and functional foliage to enhance a wedding arch or table decor.

Benefits: Consider this set a Pinterest wedding staple. It comes with a sweetheart “Just Married” banner, perfect for wedding portraits, booth backdrops, and more. It is also associated with the three wooden statuettes “Mr”, “&” and “Mrs” which will look magnificent at the wedding dinner. table or gift table. Plus, it’s a great decorative item to use around the couple’s home. The statuettes also come in several finishes, from plain white to glittery rose gold. This is a great buy for shabby chic and rustic farmhouse themed weddings.

The inconvenients: This seller doesn’t offer any variations on wooden statuettes, so it’s not an ideal buy for same-sex weddings. Also, they are freestanding display pieces, so they are not ideal for tables that will be pushed around a lot, such as a dining table.

Conclusion: This is a great decorating pairing that requires little to no advance planning. Just set it and forget it, and take them home as a souvenir of your special day.

large ceiling decor

Benefits: These simple paper decorations add shimmering elegance to any wedding venue. They are ideal for venues with exposed wooden beams or low ceilings with hanging capabilities, such as tents. They can also be repurposed for many important life events, such as a bachelorette party, baby shower, or New Year’s Eve.

The inconvenients: The biggest problem with this garland is that installation can be a pain. Someone will probably have to climb a ladder, which is not something all sites offer, and you may not want to climb a few dozen feet to get there.

Conclusion: Shimmering gold sequins and metallic finishes on these paper dots help bring a touch of glamor to any event and can add color beyond the whites and ivories typical of most receptions.

Final Thoughts

Even when your venue covers most of the basics, adding a few personal touches to your wedding decor makes a big impact. You can use wedding decorations to create a beautiful gift table, enhance a photo booth opportunity, and give a wow effect. Take the time to select some of the best high impact wedding decorations to take your wedding to the next level.


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