This Amazon Hub Has Coastal Decorating and Decorating Ideas


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You know the scene: a woman is sitting on a cream-colored sofa, surrounded by gray knit blankets and plush sea-colored pillows, her pedicure in a sophisticated mauve rose as refined as the beige cashmere cardigan and the white turtleneck she is cocooned in while lounging. under a lush glow of the afternoon sun. Her hair similarly frames her cheekbones, and she’s wearing clear-rimmed glasses that she pulls over her head when her kids finally come down the aisle for a weekend visit. Light fills her spacious living room, where sea glass vases dot the tables while hardcover books – volumes of them – line the floor-to-ceiling walls.

It’s the perfect example of Nancy Meyer’s film aesthetic, especially iconic rom-coms like something must give, The parent trap, Vacationsand It is complicated, where actors like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Kate Hudson, Natasha Richardson and Cameron Diaz fall in love and fall in love in beach houses, country cottages or Napa Valley vineyards. It’s also a scene that can elicit pangs of envy for the vibe it exudes, an atmosphere of sophistication, effortless elegance and unhurried leisure that many of us yearn for when summer arrives. .

Essential too? Geometric cutout or rattan table lamps which will blend in perfectly with your white drawers and shelves, next to your collection of seashells, photo frames and reed diffusers. They all create a soothing and relaxing environment that is a must in the coastal granny aesthetic, perfect for inviting large families over for a weekend as often happens in Meyers’ movies.

Our choices of Amazon’s Coastal Style hub starts at just $15so you can easily add trendy touches to your home for the same price as a movie ticket for a rerun of something must give. We may not all be able to fall in love with Jack Nicholson (or let’s be honest, Keanu Reeves’ Dr. Julian Mercer), but we can at least wrap ourselves in a coastal granny setting like the characters of a film Meyer with the perfect cashmere shawl.


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