Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Globetrotting Mom


Looking for unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for that mom who loves finding local gems around the world? The Noposhort for “The Nomad Pop-Up”, is where your search ends.

Avid travelers and collectors, Kelly Breakstone Roth and Shanny Harel launched the site in March 2020 with a mission to remove some of the barriers preventing artisans from emerging markets (representing over 65% of global designers) from participating in international e-commerce. Now, The Nopo lets you shop for handmade treasures in destinations like Colombia, Morocco, and Mexico when you can’t get there to hunt for souvenirs yourself.

The founders originally planned a trip to Morocco to connect with local artisans, but had to change course and find creative ways to source products once the pandemic began. After weeks of extensive research, the entrepreneurs found Soufiane Aissaunia traditional yet innovative lamp designer from Marrakech, via Instagram, and he has opened the door to many of the leading Moroccan artists that The Nopo now works with.

Today, the platform features home decor, apparel, beauty products and over nearly 200 outstanding artists based in the aforementioned countries and Ukraine, each carefully checked to ensure alignment with the brand’s quality standards and fair trade practices. The Nopo sources designers by partnering with well-known local partners, like Aissouni, to introduce them to the best designers in the country. From there, the network expands as creators connect Roth and Harel to other artisans they admire.

As Mother’s Day approaches, we asked Roth and Harel to share some gifting tips. Below are their top Mother’s Day gift ideas for a memorable holiday with mom.

For the new mom

Reewaya Abstract Painted Linen Kimono

This kimono is handwoven from pure linen by Moroccan tailors and features intricate embroidery designs that take hours to complete. “New moms need functional, comfortable clothes that they can put on effortlessly and that still look ultra-chic,” Roth says of the piece.

Handmade scented candle Côté Bougie

This mint and tea scented candle (and the jar it is nestled in) is handcrafted incorporating time-honored Moroccan techniques. According to Roth, “The most incredible journey of a mother’s life has just begun – it’s wonderful and exhausting – and this candle is the perfect gift offering a moment of relaxation and comfort.” Harel adds, “Plus, for the environmentally conscious, the candles are 100% organic and the flavors are incredibly delicious.

For the epicurean

Yassin Habbani tagine dish

This ceramic tagine (a traditional Moroccan stew and the pot it’s made in) is made in Safi, dubbed Morocco’s capital of ceramic production. “Moms who like to prepare meals and will enjoy the fine serving dishes will thoroughly enjoy this traditional tagine,” says Harel. “The painting is so beautiful that I use this dish as a dining centerpiece when not in use.”

For the Eternal Host

Tablecloth Oslé Home Decor Burano

The design of this vibrant tablecloth captures the colors, landscapes and warmth of Colombia. It is also functional and easy to clean, as it avoids liquids. Harel, who recommended this gift, attests that it’s “ideal for mums who like to entertain regularly – it’s an easy way to spruce up the look of a dining table.”

Alfonso Mendoca Atelier classic candlesticks

These festive candle holders are made from oak wood and coated with eco-friendly pigments by rural carpenters in Lorica, a Colombian heritage town. “These candle holders act as a wonderful centerpiece to add light and warmth to a dining table,” says Roth. “I also like the story of the craftsman: the candle holders are produced in Colombia, but the idea was born from the artist’s trip to Morocco.”

For the design lover

Handmade ceramic pompom vase Nelly Ortiz

A best-seller at The Nopo, this vase is made of natural black clay found in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico and crafted using centuries-old methods. Roth and Harel love this vase, agreeing it’s a versatile work of art – you can use it to hold flowers or as a stunning statement piece on its own.

Beyond Marrakech Bol Tamegroute

These ceramics are made in Morocco using traditional Tamegroute pottery production techniques developed thousands of years ago. This is one of Roth’s picks: “This bowl is the definition of one-of-a-kind because color and shape are never the same; factors like the composition of the glaze, the location of the bowl in the kiln and the temperature contribute to its uniqueness,” she says.

For accessories lovers

Ifulkki Handmade Vintage Berber Carpet Tote Bag

A Harel favorite, this hand-spun tote is made in Marrakech’s Old Town from vintage Berber rug fabrics and adorned with tribal designs. “The Berbers are a vibrant and ancient ethnic group in Morocco, who developed a unique way of weaving rugs hundreds of years ago,” she says. “This bag symbolizes tradition, history and culture.”

Salvárea fluidity necklace

This necklace is made from mouth blown glass and recycled silver from x-ray machines and a portion of the sales from each purchase goes towards the preservation of the rainforests of the Magdalena Medio Colombiano region of Colombia. Roth loves this necklace, saying it’s “a wonderful gift – the necklace is incredibly stylish and it warms the heart knowing you’re contributing to a good cause.”


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